Quality training to save lives.

At HSE, prevention and high quality health equipment have been in our DNA since 2013. Because the margin for progress in terms of awareness and action around cardiac arrest is colossal, we have decided to make it one of of our priorities. For this, we have integrated training into our activity.

Because no one is safe from heart failure but everyone can save a life by knowing the 4 steps to take during an incident, My Rescue makes it a priority to train you with our privileged partner Health & Training: Highly qualitative, theoretical AND practical training, given by health professionals with years of experience in the emergency medical world.

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Basic first aid training

As a reminder, according to the Royal Decree of 15/12/2010 relating to first aid provided to workers who are victims of an accident or illness (FPS Employment, Labor and Social Dialogue), any employer ...

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First Aid Retraining

This retraining is directly linked to basic first aid training. Indeed, to keep your first aid certificate, you must follow an annual refresher course. This formation ...

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PBLS (Pediatric Basic Life Support)

PBLS training stands for Pediatric Basic Life Support. This course focuses on the resuscitation of children and babies. This PBLS training is for caregivers who care for children ...

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BLS (Basic Life Support) - DEA

In partnership with Health & Training, a team of approved and professional trainers, we offer BLS-DEA (Basic Life Support) training including the use of the defibrillator ...

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Fire prevention training

Participants learn theory and are confronted with practical exercises to fight fires. This training meets the objectives required by the Code of well-being at work for ...

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Need a tailor-made training ?

Contact us and together we will find a course adapted to your needs.