Healthcare Solutions Europe becomes Optima Pharma
Optima Pharma has a new mission: to get an even more widespread use of defibrillators across the country. Read the article to find out how ?

We are proud to announce the acquisition of #Healthcare Solutions Europe, a distributor of high-quality defibrillator products, active in the Belux for more than 10 years.

Optima Pharma has been active in the prevention of health since 2013, following its base line #Empowering Safe Healthcare, and therefore it is a big opportunity to be able to present a defibrillator offering to its customer base. 

Christophe Gau - Optima Pharma commented:

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“Prevention is becoming a crucial pillar in the world’s healthcare strategy. Healthcare Solutions Europe’s defibrillator’s product & services range enriches Optima Pharma’s product portfolio with also air cleaners from #Nateosanté as well as our personal protection material. With 10.000 defibrillators in Belgium, less than half compared to the Netherlands (>25.000), we still have a long way to go to offer our population a full geographic coverage of defibrillators in order to prevent mortal cardiac failure after a sudden cardiac arrest. In Europe, around 550.000 people die as a result of sudden cardiac arrest each year. The chances of surviving a cardiac arrest is an average of only approximately 10% and increases up to 70% while using an AED in the first 3 or 5 minutes. Optima Pharma’s objective is to promote more widespread use of these vital products in the Benelux.”

Yves Leduc, founder of Healthcare Solutions Europe added:

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