Strong partnership with Natéosanté
Optima Pharma is always looking for premium products to add to its portfolio.

Natéosanté is the best Air Cleaner manufacturer on the market. Pioneer in air disinfection since 2009, all their products are manufactured in France, eco-designed and with high level medical quality (HEPA level 4). 

"NatéoSanté is not your average business: it is above all a human adventure at the crossroads of two societal issues: environmental preservation and health for all. The story of our director’s approach and that of each team member makes it clear that the sincerity of social commitment can go hand in hand with the economic equilibrium of a company. The dream of imagining a new kind of company."

"Contributing to indoor air quality since 2009 and located in Saint Hilaire de Chaléons, between Nantes and Pornic, we believe that everyone, in their homes, their businesses and their cities, should be able to breathe air as pure as the ocean breeze for a better life! Let’s take a look back through our company’s history."

The right solution for every business

Versatile thanks to the efficiency of its medical-grade filter system, it meets all the needs of professionals, even in the most demanding environments: Hotel, restaurant, etc...

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