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Optima Pharma is a team of qualified professionals who source for you highly qualitative and certified medical products but above all with a studied price and a dedicated service directly from our manufacturers for professionals.

Optima About

About us

Created in 2013 by Christophe Gau, Optima Pharma provides marketing solutions for medical devices, drugs, non-prescription products, for hospitals and pharmacies.

In addition, Optima Pharma provides its customers and partners with its network, logistics and regulatory solutions.

In 2020, the company will set up its own audit office in Asia and launch the procedure for ISO 9001 compliance, for all of its departments and subsidiaries. Our sales team are also working in the field to provide you with quality relationships and service.

Why Optima Pharma


We are present in the Benelux, France, Germany, Finland and Sweden. We distribute our products mainly to the health sector (pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes and dentists) but also to industries, mass distribution or even to the end consumer.

Optima Service

Complete supply chain services

We independently manage the entire supply chain of our products that we present to you in our catalog. From the factory quality audit to production monitoring until the product arrives in our stock, everything is carefully controlled.

Optima Trading


In parallel with its commercial activity, Optima Pharma aims to become the lab partner in terms of outsourcing for medical promotion. With services such as Market Access, Risk Sharing or Commercial Performance, we want to support your project from idea to realization.

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The Team

Christophe Gau



Alexander Teetaert



Vanessa Pilette

Responsable Marketing

Christian Counye

Responsable des ventes

Jordy Geerdink

Responsable des ventes Pays-Bas

Achim Neuss

Responsable des ventes Allemagne

Our Engagements

Optima Pharma Group is governed by sensitive rules of transparency and communication in its medical promotion and supply. We adhere to anti-corruption and ethical standards to provide our clients and partners with discretion and respect for their marketing strategy.


All our services and products are certified and traced. They have to go through our quality management system before they can be delivered to you. We provide you with a qualified and service-oriented sales team.

We are in direct contact with our manufacturers and with 5 supply groups to ensure a regular assortment of our products. Our manufacturers go through several quality audits before they can work with us.

Optima NOS

Join Us

Do you want to join a dynamic and exciting work environment? Do you want to work with enthusiasm every day to deliver excellence to our customers? Come with your talent to contribute to our history.

If we do not have an offer at the moment, we may have some in the future, send us your application to the following address: jobs@optimapharma.be

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