Discover below the raison d’être of Healthcare Solutions Europe…


Supporting academics, industrialists and laboratories is not exclusive to large impersonal groups! From the market launch analysis to the end customer, including upgrading to standards, our human-sized teams support you in the success of your projects.

It is on this bet that year after year we have expanded our company through internal recruitment, close partnerships and a solid network of experts. Each of us has worked in multinationals and joined HSE in order to find a sincere and transparent relationship.


But what certainly unites us the most is:

  • - the intimate conviction of a job well done at the end of our day,
  • - the certainty of having been heard within the team,
  • - to be supported and encouraged to speak the truth to our customers.
Optima NOS

It seems obvious but when it comes to the loss of market and profits in the face of other players less concerned about the veracity of their promise, it is the courage and righteousness of the HSE team that unites us. and have been helping us grow for nearly a decade.


The years have passed, the failures and the successes have forged us a will and an access know-how on the quality and the service. With double-digit growth in our business and our customers over the past three years, we are aware of the challenges and responsibilities that we face.

In 2022 we are proud to come together under a common banner in order to intensify the synergies between services.

Healthcare Solutions Europe and Optima Pharma were both born in 2013 without knowing each other. The first specializes in the sale of medical equipment and prevention, the second in marketing and sales advice. At the age of maturity the two companies meet in 2021, collaborate and merge naturally to increase their services.


This union would not have been possible without the desire to rethink our businesses. This observation has consolidated our vision, that of personalized and tailor-made support throughout the collaborative experience that we lead with our customers.


So in the end why work with HSE, why us? Simply because we follow your files relentlessly and guarantee that you will always have a member of our team at your service!